DAY 3. Mardi Himal Trek

Deurali – Forest Camp (2500m) – Low Camp (2990m)

We commenced our venture into the deep forest at 8:30 in the morning. For the first hour, it’s an easy walk, mostly flat. No pressure at all though my backpack weighs a lot.

An hour later, the trail started to get steeper and steeper. My legs were grumbling while my 30 pounds backpack was slowing me down as hell. The higher we climbed the colder it gets. You won’t feel the heat of the sun when you’re trap inside the wilderness zone. After 3 hours of non-stop climbing from Deurali, we reached Forest camp (2550 meters) around 11:30 am. The Nepalese climbers that we’ve met at Deurali the day before, arrived 30 minutes ahead of us. They’re fast.

I stretched my muscles a bit and ate lunch 10 minutes later. While having a meal (Dal Bhat), 2 other solo climbers arrived in Forest camp with their respective guides. One from Thailand and the other lady was from China. It’s amazing how our path have crossed up in the mountains.

At exactly 12:30 pm, we started our grueling ascent to Low Camp (2990m). I knew that it’s going to be a very tough long day. The beaten track was ruthless and my guide break the news by saying, The terrain is like this all the way to Low Camp.” A very harsh motivation indeed.

Steep rocky ascent heading to Low Camp.

We had a good start from Forest camp and we’re climbing fast for the first hour. We agreed to no breaks, no rest rule. 30-60 seconds’ breather was enough if need be then we keep moving. Might be a bad idea but it’s not a good idea either to rest for a long period of time in the wilderness. We have to be fast while the momentum is ours and reaching Low Camp before dark is a must.

As we gain altitude, clear sky was no more and clouds were taking over. How the weather changes so fast was really unbelievable. Ten minutes later, rain and hailstorm starts to fall from the sky. We were forced to take shelter in the tea house along the trail to waterproof our stuff.

Wilderness zone. Rain and hailstorm all the way to Low Camp.

It’s a real torment when you climbed up on a very steep terrain with a heavy backpack while raining combined with hailstorm. This was the moment when I really wish I brought a helmet with me.

After 2 hours of climbing from Forest Camp, it felt like my energy abandoned me already. I feel drained, my legs are protesting, and I can’t feel my fingers anymore. That feeling when you want to reach Low camp real fast but your body didn’t want to cooperate at all.

We decided to move slowly but keep the 30-60 seconds’ rule. The lavish flora and fauna along the trail seem to transmit some energy which motivated me to move forward. Mother Nature was so magical as if she’s sending a message that this is only a consolation. The ultimate prize was up there and moving forward was my only option.

We’ve reached Low Camp around 3:20 pm. I’ve never been so happy reaching a camp all my life until this day. Dinner was served early. We had mixed noodles, vegetables, chicken curry and local wine. Lights off at 8:00 pm and the -17 degrees’ temperature didn’t stop me to sleep. We climbed for 6 excruciating hours during the day, I badly need some rest. Continue reading ->

If you just landed on this page then below is my short story how it all started and the complete list of my Mardi Himal Base Camp adventure.









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