DAY 6. Mardi Himal Trek

Sidhing – Pokhara

Starting our day with surreal landscape and splendid rice terraces view right from the window. The freezing cold morning didn’t bothered us to get up early when Machapuchare peak from the distance greeted us nicely.

Woke up in the morning with this. Thick haze in the morning.

Of all the peaks in Annapurna region, this glorious mountain never failed to hypnotize me every single time. I was not ready to say goodbye to Himalaya Mountains however when the lodge owner said, “Breakfast is ready!” Aw, she brought my spirit back to life. Why not?

We hit the road around 7:45 am. Bracing ourselves for the extremes when the diesel engine roar. I would not describe the road as bumpy. In fact, it was way beyond that. We are driving on the Cliff-side road with so much movement inside the 4×4 jeep.

Driving on the Cliff-side road. Let’s rock n’ roll.

About 2 minutes into the ride, I felt like jumping out of the jeep and trek all the way to Pokhara instead. The road was driving me crazy and we had to deal with it for several hours if we got lucky. Not fun at all. My seat belt was busted and my head kept smacking up against the window. Oh men! My dear beanie couldn’t even protect my head from getting concussion. Despite of this insane ride, our excellent driver made us feel safe in a very unsafe and dangerous road.

The dramatic view of rice terraces and farmlands along the way made you forget the risk and danger. The breathtaking culture villages, alpine forest, and the Himalayan peaks from the distance were the best antidote of this madness. Its magic reaches the soul.

Several concrete houses and lodges are visible from afar. It was built at the side of the cliff. Well, if you’re planning to stay in one of those, made sure that you’re not sleep walking at night. There would be no second chance if you knew what I mean.

Yes, we stayed in that lodge seen from the distance.

My eyes rolled when Salik said, “You may take a nap. We will reach Pokhara in few hours.” Seriously bro? If you could take a nap given the obvious circumstance then I would be very impressed.

We crossed several streams and made it through the mud. We evaded numerous near-collisions and escape the countless times the jeep nearly drops off the Cliff-side road. Reaching Pokhara in one piece was an absolute relief after 3 hours of this madness. Will I do it again? Well, give me a year to think. Continue reading ->

If you just landed on this page then below is my short story how it all started and the complete list of my Mardi Himal Base Camp adventure.









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