DAY 7 – Mardi Himal Trek

Discovering Pokhara

I had an awesome breakfast with Kira (Denmark) when her guide told her to speed up. Looks like they are behind schedule for their Poon Hill adventure. Few hours later, I met Ariel (Singapore) who just came back from his epic 10 days Annapurna Circuit trek.

We had a little bonding moment after lunch. To give you a little idea, Ariel is a doctor guided by Ram. Their Annapurna Circuit adventure was hilarious. They seem to have love and hate relationship back there.

If someone oblige me to eat more though I’m super full, we might go to war. However, up the mountains this was a true story. Somebody won’t accept no as an answer. I commented and said, “Doc A has a point and absolutely aware of what he’s doing up there”. Ram strike back saying, “Yeah, he knew what he’s doing for sure but I knew the mountains, he doesn’t.”

I was like, “Yeah right!” I couldn’t agree more. No rebuttal needed, cased closed. Doc A was also grumbling eating Chapatti bread for breakfast in a daily basis. He he!

Later in the afternoon, I hire a taxi to take me to places. We went to Pokhara Peace Pagoda  temple and drove to Sarangkot before the sun sets. 

Peace Pagoda Temple
Serene Phewa Tal Lake.
Sunset @ Sarangkot.

Around 6:00 pm, Doc A and I had dinner with Bhandari family. The traditional meal Dal Bhat was first-rate and the chicken was superb. An hour later, we went down to the Lakeside road to get a taste of their street festival which was set to welcome the year 2017.

We got a load of different cultural programs, comedy skit, and folk songs. Photo exhibitions were all over as well as game competitions. The Nepali culture was really unique and extraordinary. The entire experience was truly amazing.

A perfect way to end the year 2016. 

If you just landed on this page then below is my short story how it all started and the complete list of my Mardi Himal Base Camp adventure.








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