NEPAL, Himalayas – the mountaineer’s paradise

Why do you climb mountains?

The most popular question to every mountaineer without exceptions not even me. Sometimes it will get into your nerves that instead of giving out your reasons, you just turned back and smile. Why? Because you knew that even though you would share your reasons why you did it, they would never understand unless they’re into it. But if you would ask me why I climb? Then my answer is simple: Why not? Well, don’t ask me to expound my answer because I would rather start to climb up the mountains than give out my explanation that most people won’t understand. So why bother anyway.   

When did it all start?

I was fascinated to climb mountains as early as teenage days. Living far away from the city built my inner core and made me become one with nature. Since then, I love to peek out of the window and enjoy the beauty of the nearby mountains, the swaying green trees, and feel the tender cold morning breeze.

I never knew about the giants in Himalayas back then but in my heart, I knew that the mountains are calling. These gigantic peaks may seem out of reach but at the back of my head I was optimistic that one day I will greet these giants face to face. Hence, I need to move my feet forward and start this risky but fulfilling adventure of a lifetime.

I’ve been climbing mountains for several years but due to professional commitment in a foreign land where mountains were nowhere to be found, I took a little break. Hours, days, months passed by and seems like every cell in my body was craving for the unknown.  It’s when I realized that I had to feed myself with the greatness of nature.

It was back in June 2016 when I felt like wandering on the other side of the planet. At first, my plan was to go to Egypt and meet the ever-famous Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza. So, I then started to customize my itinerary, set the date, and prepare my travel documents.

A month and a half later, it felt like something was not right at all. My feet were crying for real adventure and my inner core was longing for the extremes. I surely miss the mountains, the fresh air, and the scent of Mother Nature.

 In just one blink of an eye, my brainpower made a 360 degree turn and without hesitation I decided to head to the mountains in Himalayas.  The day after, I find myself booking a plane ticket to Kathmandu, Nepal and the rest was history.


Preparing for this life changing adventure was never easy. Going to a foreign land where I knew no one sounds scary but exciting at the same time. A bit scary since I am traveling solo towards the land not of my own and the negativity never failed to whisper in my ear how risky it was. However, I was optimistic and even more eager to explore the world rather than conceal myself in a closed door where everyone think it’s safer.

Training is a must but living in a flat land with no mountains to climb made this journey even more challenging. My only option was to simulate the physical challenges that I would endure up the mountains. Sounds fun but it isn’t.

Terrain and altitude training was beyond the bounds of possibility, so I intensify my cardio instead. I trained alone. Well, I may look dumb or crazy but it doesn’t matter. My goals are way more valuable than what other people thought about me.  

Never allow others stop you reach your goal, you are born to claim it.” ~ Mhez

For 4 months, I trained like there’s no tomorrow and giving up was never an option. I ran 10-15 kilometers, stairs-climbing with 15-20 pounds backpack for 2-3 hours, lunges, squats, push ups, crunches, skipping rope, yoga, you name it and I’ve done it all 5-6 times a week. I can no longer recall how many times my knees cry out of so much agony. The countless blisters on my foot due to non-stop long-distance running, and the never-ending misery that my muscles had to endure for the sake of training. I must be physically conditioned no matter what.    

I keep my objective to myself and only a few friends of mine knew about my upcoming adventure. In reality, I can only count with my fingers those who understood what awaits me there. You don’t need a lot of friends; you only need the right ones. Someone who would disagree with your decisions but still support you in the end. Someone who would tell you how crazy you are, yet looking forward for your triumph. Someone who would support you all the way even in your weirdest, craziest and wildest dreams, and believed that you would come home victorious.

I can’t thank God enough for sending the right people unto my life.  They serve as an antidote when I felt like my strength was slowly depleting and the virus called weakness was taking over. I am very blessed to have these people around and in return I will make this journey an inspiration for them.

Spending quality time with your family is a must before heading to a landlocked country. Only God knows what would happen next so made sure that your family members were informed before you got too excited to board the plane. My family and closest friend never agree of what I’m doing and what I’m about to do, yet I was in high spirit knowing that they will not run out on me. Every time I climbed up the mountains I always remember them saying, Go back down safely and come home in one piece.” Trust me, I want the same thing as much as you did. Continue reading ->

If you just landed on this page then below is my short story how it all started and the complete list of my Mardi Himal Base Camp adventure.


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