Your Guide to Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island – also known as the best sandbar in the Philippines is situated off the shore of Palompon, Leyte. It is undoubtedly one of the most stunning and lovely island in the country. The island is a hidden gem that is now becoming a major tourist destination in the region. Why not? Aside from the powdery white sands and crystal-clear water, you’ll be blown away by the breathtaking panoramic sandbar.

What to do in Kalanggaman Island?

Well, aside from swimming in a crystal-clear blue water, you can go snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving or simply chill on the powdery white sandbar. Recently, they have banana boat ride, fat bike or rent a jet ski if you so wish.

I organized a family trip to this gorgeous island and it’s the best thing ever. After an hour road trip from my home town, we arrived at the tourism office in Palompon, Leyte. We registered, settled our entrance fee, and bought additional supplies.

Prior our departure, one representative from the tourism office briefed us about the do’s and don’ts. She then gave us two trash bags; one for biodegradable and the other one for non-biodegradable. It is imperative that we bring all our trashes back from the island for proper disposals. Kudos to the tourism management, how they run things here was beyond my anticipation.

Approaching the island.

As we got closer, everyone was excited to jump off the boat. The crystal-clear water was surely tempting. It took us 40 minutes’ boat ride from the seaboard of Palompon before we reached the island. However, the boat ride was superb not because the sea was calm but because the flying fish was all over. They seemed happy to see us and been accompanying us all throughout the trip. We’re not lucky to see dolphins though. They were not in the mood to emerge from the ocean yet.

The seabed was very clear that it didn’t look like it’s 30-40 feet deep.
Our hero for the day.

We reached the island graciously and set up our tent right away. All cottages are occupied so we didn’t bother to wait or rent one. Instead, we leased a huge table and chairs for a very reasonable price of course.  

You want some grill food on the island? No problem. They have grilling area built for tourist. However, if you want some soup and the likes then, you can bring a portable camping stove and cook-set with you.

Our neighbors on the island.
Powdery white sand indeed.

We treat our appetite with fresh grilled seafood, meat, carbohydrates, and fruits. Stuffing oneself side by side with my family circle on this gorgeous island was like no other. Spending quality time together, sharing stories, bullying each other is a must from time to time.  Then, we soaked ourselves in the crystal-clear water for hours and hours. I swear, we couldn’t resist.


Three hopeless divers with the veteran swimmer.

We took a dip for hours then wander on the island as if there’s no tomorrow. The scenery was picture perfect and of course, who would want to miss the chance to take thousands of photos. It’s amazing to see a lot of tourist (both locals and foreigners) in this small island when it’s not even summer yet. Well, we’re glad that we didn’t wait for summer otherwise we got to deal with jam-packed of people.

No wonder why this island is the best sandbar in the country.

Time flies so fast. Whether we like it or not we have to say goodbye to Kalanggaman Island but we’ll be back for sure. The boat personnel collected our two trash bags and made sure that we’re not leaving anything behind. Leave no trace if you’re up the mountains but here I’d say – leave no trash. I’ve been to several islands before yet, this island was undoubtedly a paradise. A paradise that deserves safeguarding, preservation, and appreciation.


  • Sunscreen is a MUST. If you hate sun burn, then don’t forget your sunscreen.
  • Bring enough food supplies and necessary utensils especially for those staying overnight. There’s only one mini-store on the island and you can’t buy all the goods you need particularly food supplies. If you’re okay to spend more gold coins, then you may visit the newly opened resort here. NOTE: The resort was under construction when we were there so I won’t be able to provide any first-hand experience about it.
  • Bring your tents or rent one from the tourism office if you wish to stay overnight. Teepee cottages are also now available on the island. The choice is yours.
  • Feel free to accommodate boat joiners if your headcount was less than 15 or 10. You will not only gain friends but they also help you lessen your boat expenses.
  • No potable water and electricity on the island, bring as much water as you need and take solar chargers or power banks with you.
  • Explore and waste no time on the island.
  • Leave no trash at all cost.

How to get there?


  • From Tacloban airport, you can either take a bus or van going to Palompon, Leyte. The trip will usually take 3-4 hours.
  • From Ormoc Airport, ride a van or bus and you’ll reach Palompon in 2-3 hours’ time or less. 


  • From Manila – Ride a bus (CUL,SilverStar, Philtranco, etc.) going directly to Palompon, Leyte.
  • From Cebu – Take Ceres bus.


From Cebu – There are 3 ferries going to Palompon Leyte namely; Cokaliong, Medallion, and Super Shuttle. You may check their page/website to see their trip schedule.

Kalanggaman Island Entrance fee

Tourist Day Tour (Regular rate)

Overnight rate

International Tourist



Non-Palompon Tourist



Non-Palompon College Student



Non-Palompon High School Student



Non-Palompon Elementary Pupil



Non-Palompon Senior Citizen



Private Pump Boat Fees:

  • 15 Capacity: P3,000.00
  • 25 Capacity: P3,500.00
  • 30 Capacity: P4,000.00
Palompon ECO Tourism Office:

  • Mobile 1: +63 926 816 4005
  • Mobile 2: +63 926 816 4007
  • Landline: +63 (053) 555-9731

Important Note:

Only limited people are allowed in the island per day so make your reservations with Palompon Ecotours Office ahead of time.



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