The Power of Instincts

Amazing things happen when you least expect it but that doesn’t mean all are positive. In fact, it’s a combination of both good and bad. Whatever it is, whatever that maybe, one thing is for sure; if it’s meant to happen, then it will. However, when it comes to misfortunes, mishaps, and suchlike more often than not these things are avertible. How? Do your homework by gathering facts. Be prepared and sharp-eyed always. Lastly, listen to your instincts. Yes, your instincts my dear.

Most of the time, we are so consumed of ourselves that we often forget what surrounds us. We are too focus on having fun in life and disregard the hot potato along the way. Even in an ordinary day we encounter crazy things on our journey, unexpected occurrence that could change our lives in just a blink of an eye.

I remember those days when I avoided several horrible incidents. Hours when I managed to escape from dreadful situations, and missed out a horrifying circumstance in an inch of a second. Some may call it a streak of luck. Maybe, but I’d say listening and following my instincts saved the day.

That moment when you’re supposed to get on the bus but your gut feeling was telling you not to. Or you refused an invitation not because you didn’t want to go but your instinct was holding you back. The feeling was so strong that you won’t be able to read between the lines as to why, yet you’ll be grateful in no time when you realized that things turned upside-down.

We may not have the power to predict the future, yet oftentimes our instinct saved us from troubled water or helped us rise above the clouds. Instinct is a gift from The One above that usually activates when your fair judgement is trap in the four corners of uncertainty and mix-up mystification. Instinct can do wonders more than we could ever imagine.  

So, I’ll say – “Never underestimate the power of instincts.” – Mhez



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