My two cent’s worth


Break out of your comfort zone and become comfortable with the unknown. The more risk you take, the more you understand the complexity of the world and the better person you become.

Never get poisoned by civilization. Know your goals, know yourself, believe and have faith. Trust me, you’ll get there before you know it. However, be reminded that there’s no such thing as shortcut to the finish line. Great prizes comes with the hardest blockade. The only key to open the gate of success is: NEVER GIVE UP.

Triumph will not come to us in handy. We have to confront and defeat the greatest obstacles out there whatever it takes. Which means that we would fall down along the way, get injured, run under the rain, face the storm, and even walk for infinite hours. As long as we keep moving forward, the sweetest victory is ours at the end.

Motivational Quotes

“Never allow others stop you reach your goal, you are born to claim it.” ~ Yours truly

“If you succeed in your ventures in this so called life, own it – it’s yours, be proud – don’t brag, and held your head up high while keeping your feet on the ground. Let your success make noise for you not your mouth.” ~ Yours truly

“NEVER ALLOW small minds awake you from a BIG DREAM. Not everyone will accept your calling but all that matters is…WILL YOU?”  ~ MetasMotivation



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