The Power of Instincts

Amazing things happen when you least expect it but that doesn’t mean all are positive. In fact, it’s a combination of both good and bad. Whatever it is, whatever that maybe, one thing is for sure; if it’s meant to happen, then it will. However, when it comes to misfortunes, mishaps, and suchlike more often... Continue Reading →


Your Guide to Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island – also known as the best sandbar in the Philippines is situated off the shore of Palompon, Leyte. It is undoubtedly one of the most stunning and lovely island in the country. The island is a hidden gem that is now becoming a major tourist destination in the region. Why not? Aside from... Continue Reading →

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10 Perks of Traveling Alone

Getting out of your comfort zone, taking risk, and blend in the real world is much more rewarding than you could possibly imagine. If you are scared to leave from the shadow of your comforts, then you will NEVER experience the BEST in this so-called life.

Into the Mosquito Zone – Mt. Arayat

I’ve never been to a place with thousands if not millions of mosquitoes but this day was different. There’s always a first time for everything indeed. I joined a tramping adventure heading to the mystical mountain Mount Arayat located in the province of Pampanga, Philippines. This journey was not easy neither difficult however, what makes... Continue Reading →

A dose of motivation

“Never allow others stop you reach your goal, you are born to claim it.” ~ Mhez “If you succeed in your ventures in this so called life, own it – it’s yours, be proud – don’t brag, and held your head up high while keeping your feet on the ground. Let your success make noise... Continue Reading →

Believe, persevere and NEVER GIVE UP

Break out of your comfort zone and become comfortable with the unknown. The more risk you take, the more you understand the complexity of the world and the better person you become. Never get poisoned by civilization. Know your goals, know yourself, believe and have faith. Trust me, you’ll get there before you know it.... Continue Reading →

RED SAND? You got to be kidding me!

As a living soul who was born in an archipelago surrounded with the finest beaches in the world, the first time I heard about Red Sand somewhere in the desert I was like, “Really!” I’ve seen different colors of sand from white, gray, black, orange, and pinkish but never in my life that I’ve laid... Continue Reading →

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