Things you need to know before traveling to Nepal

Nepal is a federal secular parliamentary republic, a landlocked country, and renowned as the land of Sherpas and snow peaks. More or less 9% of Nepal’s income comes from tourism alone. No wonder, why this country concentrate on Tourism industry to ensure the return of visitors. One visit is not enough and I couldn’t agree... Continue Reading →


DAY 1. Mardi Himal Trek

KATHMANDU -> POKHARA My alarm woke me up at 5:30 am. I then packed all my stuff and prepare for a very long bus ride. Around 6:30 am, Narayan send me off at the bus station heading to Pokhara. The tourist bus starts to roll an hour later. After 45 minutes on the road stuck... Continue Reading →

Lost in Kathmandu

Dec 22 – Thursday, 8:50 pm. I boarded the plane bound to Muscat, Oman --> Muscat to Kathmandu. The scene inside the aircraft was overwhelming. There were only 3 ladies, 4 including me and you’d feel like you’re in the wrong place where you don’t belong at all. To my surprise, the two guys sitting... Continue Reading →

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