Mt Pulag – Wandering Above the Clouds

Climbing the roof of Luzon for the second time was a dynamite. The first time I scale this mountain via Executive trail was very memorable. Though we were not lucky enough to witness the famous sea of clouds at the summit, the whole journey was worth it.     Mt Pulag is the highest peak in... Continue Reading →


Take Me to Mt Isarog

It was after typhoon when we headed to Naga City, Philippines to scale Mt. Isarog. A mountain which hold the reputation of being the highest forested peak in Southern Luzon. We planned this trip few months earlier and who would have thought that a powerful typhoon hit the province prior our climb. However, no typhoon... Continue Reading →

Your Guide to Mt Daraitan

Birthday is said to be a momentous occasion to celebrate the gift of life. While most people commemorate their natal day by throwing a party, going to favorite shops, chilling on the beach, booking a concert ticket and such, I choose to spend time with nature. I organized a trip with my hiking buddies to... Continue Reading →

DAY 7 – Mardi Himal Trek

Discovering Pokhara I had an awesome breakfast with Kira (Denmark) when her guide told her to speed up. Looks like they are behind schedule for their Poon Hill adventure. Few hours later, I met Ariel (Singapore) who just came back from his epic 10 days Annapurna Circuit trek. We had a little bonding moment after... Continue Reading →

DAY 6. Mardi Himal Trek

Sidhing - Pokhara Starting our day with surreal landscape and splendid rice terraces view right from the window. The freezing cold morning didn’t bothered us to get up early when Machapuchare peak from the distance greeted us nicely. Of all the peaks in Annapurna region, this glorious mountain never failed to hypnotize me every single... Continue Reading →

DAY 5. Mardi Himal Trek

High Camp - MBC (4500) - High Camp - Sidhing We supposed to start our final leg to base camp by 6:30 am, yet Salik didn’t want to get out of his sleeping bag. Well, it was an extremely cold morning and going out there was no joke. That moment when you tried to fix... Continue Reading →

DAY 4. Mardi Himal Trek

Low Camp - Badal Danda - High Camp (3550m) Wake up call was six in the morning and going to the restroom at this hour was a real struggle when everything was literally frozen. I had no appetite for breakfast however, I must finish my porridge to boost my energy. The sun was shining bright... Continue Reading →

DAY 3. Mardi Himal Trek

Deurali - Forest Camp (2500m) - Low Camp (2990m) We commenced our venture into the deep forest at 8:30 in the morning. For the first hour, it’s an easy walk, mostly flat. No pressure at all though my backpack weighs a lot. An hour later, the trail started to get steeper and steeper. My legs... Continue Reading →

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